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How Much Wedding Videography and Photography Cost in Australia?

Wedding Videography and Photography Cost in Australia

How Much Wedding Videography and Photography Cost in Australia?

During the wedding planning, photography and videography are the two main aspects which are considered for the shoot. Undoubtedly, couples do spend huge in their wedding videos and photography sessions. It is estimated that around 20% of the budget goes to wedding photography alone compared to other expenses.

There are various questions arise in their mind before choosing the wedding photoshoot such as, how much wedding photography and videography cost, whom should we hire for the wedding shoots, etc.

But the main important question is how much do wedding photography and videography cost together?

As per the survey of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography, the average price of wedding photoshoots comes around $3211 in 2019. This much price couples want to spend to make their wedding more luxurious. This price may differ from suburb to suburb or state to state.

The average price for the regions Capital Territory and West Australia reaches $3510 and $3115 simultaneously.

Wedding Photography

Due to the increase in demand for professional wedding photographers, you will get more experienced photographers in NSW as compared to other states. Hiring a wedding photographer in NSW may touch $3900 which is quite exorbitant. But if you reside in Perth and you are looking for the best wedding photographer in Perth then you can consult S2V Studio. They offer the best deals and services in an affordable range.

Once you hire the services of a wedding photographer, they offer packages such as hours of coverage, amount of photos or videos stored in USB drives, and small types of wedding albums or prints.

Cost Expenses of Wedding Videography in Australia

The average price may touch the levels from $2450 to $6500, but it depends upon many factors. Before choosing the wedding videographer, make sure you check the packages, what they are providing in the packages, etc.

For example: A typical photography package starts from $3,500 onwards in Sydney state and it includes:

  • 2 Videographers
  • 8 hours of video filming
  • Video clip for the reception part
  • Full ceremony coverage from start to end
  • Reception speeches coverage
  • Online files delivery

Factors That Affect the Pricing of the Package

You must have noticed that some professional photographers do not reveal the pricing details on their official websites. A customer has to send an inquiry for the quotes. Even some photographers show the packages with prices but they charge differently. Some may be affordable but some are expensive for the end users So be cautious while picking your wedding photographer for your wedding.

The following factors affect the price of wedding photography packages:

Expertise of the Photographer

Any photographer can take a photograph but professional photographers with a multitude of experiences can deliver higher-quality pictures and videos. Veterans in this industry with years of experience and great confidence in their art naturally cost a lot more. In other words, they are just proving their worth in their work.

This is a big difference in the skill set of a photographer who is doing a lot of weddings before compared to an amateur.

Over the last few years, most couples do prefer to capture their candid wedding clicks, with 63% of all couples seeking candid and natural poses for their weddings. Another 33% want a mixture of candid images and some different kinds of posed images that they don’t want to miss.

Working Hours

Most packages contain different hours of wedding day coverage like 6 hours, 8 hours, 10 hours, or a full day coverage of the wedding. The price increases with the increase in the duration of the coverage.


Some packages may include 3 to 4 additional photographers. Videography and same-day editing are common add-ons on wedding packages. Adding an engagement photo session will also affect the pricing of the package.

Photos Quality

Photographers spend time enhancing and editing wedding pictures, especially those for enlargements and wedding albums. A package with all the high-resolution and enhanced photos will be more expensive than others.

How to Save Money On Wedding Photography/Videography Costs?

If you want to get high-class photography and service within your specified budget then we will share some tips on which you can save money in wedding photoshoots.

Choose a Photographer/Videographer Within Your Budget

Not all professional photographers ask for high charges. You will what you want to pay for particle kind of service. You can opt for newcomers with special photography skills. This will help you to reduce your budget drastically.

Hire a Local but Skilled Photographer

Choose a photographer who can service within your chosen venue and location. Because some photographers might charge extra if the location is quite far. If you are seeking for the right and best-skilled wedding videographer in Perth then you can choose S2V Studio.

A Personalised Photo/Video Combination Package

A personalized combination package of photos and videos could be a great idea to control your budget while maintaining style and quality.

Hope this article will gain knowledge in choosing and planning your wedding photographer/videographer.