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Canvas Prints,Boxed & Floating Frame Canvas

Our framed canvas prints are a modern take on our original classic canvas prints. We took our canvas prints with their archival inks, hardwood frames and beautiful hand-stretched finish and paired it with three sleek frame choices (oak, black and white)

Our framed or boxed canvas prints come with our amazing 75-year unconditional guarantee. This provides a lifetime replacement warranty at any point.


  • 450gsm US-made archival canvas printed with beautiful archival pigment inks.
  • Hand-cut, double-profile hardwood frames for the canvas print
  • Choose between three beautiful slim-line frames – black, oak and white
  • Beautifully taped and finished with professional grade hanging attachments
  • Satin laminate on all prints to provide UV and handling protection
  • Available in any size between 11″x14″ and 1.4m x 3m (canvas size)

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