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Metal Prints

Our Metal Prints are printed on genuine Chromaluxe metal panels using a 7 channel sublimation printer. They feature crystal sharp printing and vibrant colours. Metal prints pop off the wall with amazing colour and clarity. If you love vibrant colours and gloss, they will be perfect for you.

Metal Print is available in any size from 8″x10″ to 60″x40″. We even let you order circles and hexagons for an entirely unique look!

It is backed with an easy aluminium hanging system that can be easily paired with hooks, screws or virtually any 3M product.


  • Genuine Chromaluxe panels in any size from 8×10″ to 60×40″ (circles available to a maximum of 40″ diameter)
  • 7-channel sublimation printer for amazing colour.
  • Easy aluminium hanging system can be used in any orientation.

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